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MTP-6500 Series - Click on each for details
Hide Size 45-65 s/f

This is the longest running product from the Mark Tursi Collection of leathers - it is fully deserving of its position. This is a full top grain, thin profile leather which is naturally pole-dried. During the re-tanning process, water and stain repellents are added, as well as an acid wash, which creates a beautiful random savage. The product is distinguishable by its extremely soft hand and "waxy" surface feel. Only the highest quality Scandinavian hides are used in the production of this series.

- Thickness - 1mm - 1.2mm
- Tanning Type - Chrome
- Dyeing Type - Drum Aniline Dyed
- Surface - Natural Grain

This is one of the finest grades of upholstery leather in the marketplace. The hand drape and sheer beauty of this product attract the consumer. Some color variations should be expected from hide to hide due to the aniline state of the product. Color fading may occur if the leather is exposed to direct or intense light. Care and common sense are required to allow this product to achieve the rich natural patina that is inherent to all quality leathers.


MTP-6001 MTP-6004 MTP-6012 MTP-6324


MTP-6048 MTP-6061
6500 Series


Available Colorways:
- MTP-6502 - Warm Brown
- MTP-6503 - Briar
- MTP-6508 - Atlantic
- MTP-6514 - Black
- MTP-6516 - Yellow
- MTP-6517 - Tangerine
- MTP-6520 - Ox Blood
- MTP-6522 - Cocoa
- MTP-6523 - Warm Gold
- MTP-6524 - Beige
- MTP-6525 - Griege
- MTP-6526 - Army Green
- MTP-6527 - Grey
- MTP-6528 - Grey Stone
- MTP-6529 - Blue Stone
- MTP-6530 - Cobalt
- MTP-6531 - Orange Sun
- MTP-6532 - Red Earth


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